CHICO NIEDZIELSKI is a Brazilian sculptor. Author of site-specific contemporary sculptures, he gets his greatest inspirations from sacred geometry, with its perfect proportions such as the forms of nature.

Born in 1953 in Catanduva SP Brazil, Chico is a self-taught person. A versatile sculptor, creating and executing from hanging and mobile sculptures for indoors to large work for outdoor.

Chico’s sculptures can be seen in outstanding places, such as in several unities of SESC and SENAC in cities of the state of São Paulo, in Albert Einstein Hospital, Data Center of Itaú-Unibanco, Bradesco Bank, among others.

A documentary film by Messina Neto shows several of Chico’s artwork. In this documentary, architects and entrepreneurs mention the contribution of this artist to contemporary art in Brazil, as well as aesthetical and financial benefits of having his site-specific sculptures in private buildings and public places. The book named CHICO NIEDZIELSKI published in the year 2010 by Olhares Publishing House enables a vision of this vast and meaningful work.

Several of Chico’s sculptures impress by their size, such as “Creator and Creation”, with 86 tons, created in 2011 for Parque das Águas in the city of Sorocaba SP Brazil.

His first individual exhibition was in 1977, in the city of São Paulo. In 1987 Chico created “Dow Sphere”, his first large size sculpture for a reflecting pool, in polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass and steel.

Chico’s first mobile sculpture, the “Vortex”, was created in 1997 for the 9 floors atrium of SESC Vila Mariana in São Paulo. In this work, a steel structure in a mandala form together with a gearmotor allow the double helicoid movement of the 240 “fishes” of the sculpture. Soon after Chico built a second mobile, “Aviation”, to the Enterprise Suite Hotel in São José dos Campos SP Brazil. A mobile 54 meters height, the tallest mobile hanging sculpture for indoors known to date.

In the year 2000 Chico Niedzielski began his phase of metal sculptures. With Sun and Moon, the first in brass and the other in stainless steel respectively, they are an architecture differential of the project Times Square Cosmopolitan Mix in São Paulo. These sculptures are placed by the street and can be appreciated by the passer-by.

Other artworks of this sculptor, located in exterior environments, can be appreciated in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, such as Magen Cones, “Magen Tetrahedron” and “Bradesco-Cube” (a work that transformed the 2D bank logo into a 3D sculpture).

“Revealing the forms to show them to the world, in order that he and them dialog, vibrate as one, Chico Niedzielski rescues the meaning of the creative art and gives a signification to any of his works in conformity with the place they will occupy in the vast and infinite space” (Marilena Chauí).