About Sculptures

Through Sacred Geometry Chico Niedzielski brings to the material world forms that provide a connection with the Divine.

It is this language, that using a single straight line and a circle, allows, as an example, this rich and complex swinging movement of the 70 rings that form the sculpture “Swinging Vesica”. A motor puts into action the rectilinear movement, and another the circular movement. Through the interaction of both movements the sine waves are created.

The creative process of a hanging or seated sculpture goes through an initial detailed study in the computer. Through this procedure the final form of the artwork is decided.

As an example, when “Bradesco-Cube” was sought, an artwork to be created based on the logotype of the bank, 8 different projects were developed, 8 possibilities for the choice of the final project to be built. The framework of this sculpture is an edge carbon steel cube, painted in red. And “the crown and stem of the trees” were made in fiberglass. The movement is proportioned by the wind, making this form a mobile sculpture.

The materials used take into account the form, the size of the work, and the place it will be installed. The ones in plastic material can be used for interiors and outdoor. Plastics, such as fiberglass, are good to be used due to the facility in build the form you choose.

It is a very interesting material for hanging sculptures, due to its resistance, lightness and because it is easy to reproduce the several elements that constitute the artwork. That is the reason why this was the material chosen for the mobile “Vortex” and “Aviation”, and for “Ascension”. Fiberglass was also the material chosen for the panel Fishes, due to the possibility to shape each fish in accordance to the saliences of the irregular stones of the wall.

For gardens, plastic material can also be used. As an example, fiberglass was the material chosen for “Caryatid” at SESC Santo André SP Brazil and “Resting” at “Grande” Hotel Campos do Jordão SP Brazil.

For large outdoor sculptures steel is a material extremely important. Chico Niedzielski uses both Cor-ten steel, not requiring any maintenance, with “Zooplancton”, “Club” and “Torus SZ” as examples, and painted carbon steel, such as can be seen in “Creator and Creation”.

On the other hand stainless steel and aluminium are very adequate materilas for hanging sculptures composed by rings, such as “Vesica”, at the library of SENAC University and “Vesica and Helicoid” at the headquarters of SESC in São Paulo SP Brazil.